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From Pixel to Profit

At Kucingko, we recognise the profound significance of pixels. When woven into a mosaic, pixels become art, manifesting in the vivid strokes of 2D animation, the immersive depth of 3D wonders, or the boundless possibilities of the Metaverse. Each pixel holds a unique artistic potential, laying the foundation for our creative journey.


In our relentless pursuit, we are always trying to find the next adjacent pixel, the untapped potential that can transform a singular pixel into a masterpiece. This quest is more than an investment, it's an exploration, curation, and nurturing of creative elements — such as character design, visual aesthetics, and technological innovation, including advancements in virtual and augmented reality. We understand that the true magic lies in envisioning the collective artistry of pixels as the cornerstone of the entertainment economy.


Kucingko's journey, akin to finding the next adjacent pixel, is about turning each pixel into a vibrant and profitable narrative. Here, art and investment seamlessly converge, defining what we envision as the success of tomorrow's entertainment landscape. 


This is our Pixel to Profit journey. 

The Inspidea Legacy

Inspidea stands as the first pixel on our digital canvas, representing over twenty years of unwavering dedication. As a 2D animation studio in South East Asia, Inspidea has consistently been at the forefront, creating captivating animations for many international clientele, including industry giants such as Warner Bros Discovery, Netflix, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon.


Crafted with passion, many of Inspidea’s animations have gone beyond capturing hearts worldwide to earning widespread acclaim and multiple international accolades. Notably, the company’s much-celebrated series, Lamput, produced in collaboration with Cartoon Network Inc., has been a consistent recipient of the Asian Academy Creative Awards for multiple years.


The success of Inspidea extends beyond its dedication to animation craftsmanship, as Inspidea also holds the distinction of being one of Malaysia's largest and most profitable 2D animation studios. This recognition serves as both inspiration and foundation for our journey from pixel to profit.

The Kucingko Leadership

Led by seasoned entrepreneurs backed by over 20 years of experience, CJ See and Andrew Ooi are the driving forces behind Kucingko. Having founded Inspidea 22 years ago, we now extend our vision to Kucingko, where we seek to discover and nurture the next pixel, turning them into profitable opportunities within the entertainment industry.


Beyond the entrepreneurial duo, Kucingko is bolstered by a diverse array of business leadership, including corporate finance, legal, and investment professionals. Their diverse expertise, harmoniously complementing the creative leadership of the founders, forms the backbone of Kucingko's journey. Together, we are committed to turning every pixel into a profitable opportunity.



Each pixel tells a story. From the smallest detail to the grandest scene, every pixel is meticulously crafted with love and care, converged into captivating animations and brought to life on the big screen. 

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