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Adrian Ku

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director, Tech Entrepreneur

Meet Adrian Ku, a tech visionary with over two decades of experience in IT services and solutions.


As a techno-enthusiast of system design, Adrian specialised in Windows and Microsoft Exchange, initiating his career at Wildridge Technologies. His journey progressed at ISA Technologies, where he played a pivotal role as the Group Manager in consulting services, overseeing IT solution proposals, project management, resource management, and client management.


Additionally, Adrian is an entrepreneur where his journey includes founding Impreszions Services and co-founding Impreszions Solutions, specialising in web, product, and mobile design services.


Beyond his role in the tech sector, Adrian represents Koo Hong @ Ku Hong Hai, a substantial shareholder of our Group.




As the first animation company to be proudly listed on Bursa Malaysia, we're embarking on a groundbreaking journey into a new era of investment opportunities within Malaysia's vibrant animation landscape.

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