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CJ Puar

Independent Non-Executive Director, Corporate Finance Expert

Meet CJ Puar, a seasoned corporate expert with nearly three decades of expertise in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. CJ P is a partner at Ecore Synergy PLT, providing business management consultancy services and mentoring young professionals in corporate finance.


CJ P’s early career at FACB Capital set the stage for an illustrious path, advancing to senior roles at Alliance Investment Bank Berhad and RHB Investment Bank Berhad. His tenure at S P Setia Berhad as the Head of Corporate Affairs showcased his strategic oversight of various corporate functions.


As a Partner at Ecore Synergy PLT, CJ Puar leverages his wealth of experience to offer business management consultancy and mentorship. Simultaneously, he serves as the independent non-executive director of SCC Holdings Berhad and Heng Hup Holdings Limited.




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